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Case Study

Sara is a wedding planner. Her client wanted to have a stunning neon sign for her wedding. 


Sara contacted us 10 days before the big day.  

Urgent order

We spent 2 days to finalize the design, 2 days for the production and 4 days for the delivery.  

 It was a very tight schedule, so we prioritized her order and ship the sign out by express delivery. The wedding sign reached her client in time!

font and

color selections

Sara's client did not have any ideas in mind. But they want to have the words 'the Guys' on the greenery wall at the wedding.

We provided them with a wide range of fonts and colors suggestions.


They selected several preferable fonts and we made her some mock-ups to choose from. 


After a few changes and finalising the design, we started the production.



We knew that the sign will be mounted on a boxwood wall.


We made some pre-drilled holes on the clear backing and provided the client with screws, the neon sign can be easily hung on the wall.


order reference

Color:  white #17

Size:  2.8x 3 ft

Electricity and power plug: US

Indoor use

Equipment included:

  1. The clear acrylic backing

  2. Screws

  3. Power adapter

  4. Power Cords

  5. Power plug

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