Difference between flex neon (LED neon) and traditional glass neon

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Difference between flex neon (LED neon) and traditional glass neon

Flex neon sign(LED) is made out of flexible LED light and created on an acrylic backing. Traditional glass neon sign is made of glass and it is bent to create its shape. Normally, glass neon comes without backing. Therefore the difficulty of installation is higher than the flex neon. Also, comparing the price, durability, brightness and the safety level, flex neon is more advantageous than the transitional neon.


The price is varied by the size and design of the neon sign. Normally, the cost of flex neon is lower than glass neon.


The installation of glass neon is more complicated than the flex neon. Normally, we suggest to hire a electrician to install the glass neon. On the other hand, flex neon is created on a clear acrylic backing and can be easily installed by anyone.


Glass neon is warmer than flex neon. However, the brightness of flex neon can be adjusted by installing a dimmer.


Flex Neon is made of flame retardant PVC plastic.

It is flexible and more durable. Unlike glass neon which is very fragile and breaks easily during the transportation.

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