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How to create a Custom Neon Sign

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

The first step in creating a custom neon sign is to decide on the design. This can be a favorite quote or phrase, a special message, or a logo or graphic. It's important to consider the font, color, and overall aesthetic of the design, as this will help to create the desired look and feel of the sign.

Once you have the design, you will need to choose a neon sign maker. The sign maker will create a mock-up of the sign to give you an idea of how it will look. Once you approve the design, the sign maker will begin the process of creating the sign.

When the sign is ready, it will be shipped to you and can be easily installed in your desired location. With proper care and maintenance, your custom neon sign will provide years of enjoyment and make a statement in your space.

Overall, creating a custom neon sign is a fun and unique way to add some personality and character to your space. With the right design and sign maker, you can create a stunning and memorable neon sign that will make a statement and impress.

If you are interested in purchasing custom neon sign, feel free to get a free mock-up and quote at


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