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How to install a LED neon sign ?

To install the sign, follow these steps:

1. Choose a location for your sign.

Keep in mind that the sign will need to be near a power source, and that the surface you mount it on should be able to support the weight of the sign.

2. Use the drill to make holes in the wall or other surface for the screws or other fasteners.

3. Attach the sign to the wall or other surface using the screws.

4. Connect the sign to a power source, either by plugging it into an electrical outlet or by using a battery pack.

5. Turn on the sign and make any necessary adjustments to its position or orientation.

That's it! Your LED neon sign should now be properly installed and ready to use.

If you are interested in purchasing a customized neon sign, feel free to get a free mock-up and quote at


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